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What YOU Get with ME!
Great design is predicated on proper discovery work and a systematic process that is liberating, but not stifling. In addition, I am extremely blessed to have the ability to see my design work done in what I call “3-D sensor-round.”  This means that I can see, visualize, feel, and experience the end result as if it were already a physical reality. I can do this at every point during our design process.

I approach a design job like a doctor, an attorney, and an archer in these ways:

Like a doctor, I listen to what the “problem” is or what the client needs, wants, and doesn’t want. I ask the proper questions to get to the “root of the problem.”  I take the proper “measurements,” document the results, analyze the results, and then prescribe the proper and efficacious solutions.

Like an attorney, I do my “due diligence.” I ask the right questions, to get the right answers, to get the right results. Then I substantiate my findings, suggestions, and course of action with the proper selections of elements and materials. I conclude by presenting a full body of evidence that culminates in a rich and satisfying outcome.

Like an expert archer, I have hit the bulls-eye every time for the last 38 years! I take my job quite seriously, yet I have a lot of fun with my clients as I teach them along the way. In doing so, they not only understand the process, but they have fun with it, too. Being actively involved enriches their experience and heightens their appreciation of their new environment. An educated client is a better, happier client. Plus they’re just more fun to work with! This is the vital importance of real communication in all its forms, including words, sketches, drawings, and detailed specifications.

Finally, I bring the “magic experience” of ambiance . It is the intangible aspect that goes far beyond a mere “look”. The aspect of ambiance brings depth, orchestration, vitality, musicality, animation, and pure sensory enjoyment to your environment and life. To that end, I am dedicated.

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When a "Mere Look" just won't do ... You Need Ambiance! ... Orchestrated Especially for You! This Means You Get Captivating and Engaging Interior Design Tailored Specifically to You and Your Lifestyle.

Great Interior Design engages you emotionally, visually, spiritually, intellectually, and tactilely.

This is exactly what you get with me!
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You will Always Get Skillful ... Knowledgeable ... Passionate Interior Design, Talent, and Insight when working in concert with Steven C. Adamko on your interior design project.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."

High levels of expressive communication form the cornerstone of Steve's design practice.  Expect great drawings in addition to excellent verbal communication in the form of word pictures, analogies, decriptions, and more. You have now found the rare professional who not only envisions, but literally sees the project done, before it is actually done!

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Steven C. Adamko