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Photo of an interior designer Steven C. Adamko, the owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982 in Kalamazoo Michigan

About Me

No ... It's not about me! It's about YOU! It's about how I can make your life better, richer, and more enjoyable through my gifts and talents employed and directed toward that result. You are the most important person here! And yes ... I am critically important in the equation too! You need me! :-)

"My designs are taken directly from your needs, wants, and desires; as discovered in our initial interviews. I supply the imagination and creativity by putting myself in your shoes and imparting my expertise. This is in concert, along with any level of involvement from you, the client. The “ Discovery Phase " is the key to my approach ... and part of my "Secret Sauce."
 "All my designs are developed exclusively for You ...  the Individual, and not "pre-packaged" with a particular "look." My passion is all about creating a unique and personalized design for each and every client. It's always about the sensitive integration of interior design and architecture, bringing with it the desired look, emotion, and ambiance."

A Conversation with Portage Interior Designer Steven C. Adamko

Spectrum Interiors is the superior interior design firm over SKP Design – Interior Design Service in Michigan.


Spectrum Interiors is a boutique interior design studio—in fact, we are the only interior design studio in Kalamazoo and Portage Michigan that incorporates not only the look that someone needs in their environment, but the feeling and ambiance as well. This is all done with precision, so much so that I’ve hit the bull’s eye in this regard every time since I started designing in 1979.

I have both residential and commercial clients and can do everything from new construction to remodeling. But, my first love and main focus is residential interior design because of its very personal nature. I also do residential lighting design and custom furniture design. I love imbuing a residence with that very special something, that makes a client’s home an oasis in a very busy and noisy world. I’ve done this for business owners, entrepreneurs, and cardiologists who need a refuge physically, mentally, emotionally, visually, and spiritually. This is absolutely critical … it’s like a decompression chamber for deep sea diver.

So, at all times, I provide much more than interior design, because I am an entrepreneur, and I also realize that the interior environment needs to impact as many of the five senses as possible. So many people talk about the “Wow” factor, but it’s much more about the “Impact” factor. Most people will say “Oh my gosh, that had a major impact on me in a very positive way.”


That is a very interesting and very important question. I founded my business on the concept of creating an ambiance, which is the French spelling or ambience, which is the English version. I prefer the French spelling because the French created many of the furniture pieces that we utilize today. In addition, the sound of it is better, it sounds more musical.

A lot of people start with viewing and showing photographs of what they like and what they want their environments to look like. That’s good up to a point. But, those homes are and were usually for specific people and designed exclusively for them … hopefully, if everything was done right.

I prefer to start with words first. Words are containers for feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Long ago when I was a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist and discover hidden treasure like Howard Carter discovered King Tut’s tomb, with all its treasures and artifacts. I’m still an archaeologist in the interior design field. So, my purpose is to dig out the hidden treasure in the heart, mind, and emotions of the people that I work with and for. Analyzing all this data helps me to create a very unique and personalized environment for my clients. It’s like I put myself in their shoes and do it with my expertise.

My specific manner of working and my methodology has never failed to deliver far beyond the client’s expectations. It’s wonderful when I ask them, “Did it turn out like you thought I would?” they always reply, “It turned out way better than I thought it would, and I’m glad I trusted you … even when I was a little bit nervous.”

I always challenge my clients in a very good and positive way. They are paying me for my expertise. Therefore, they should get far and above what they expect to get, or far and above what they could do on their own, without my help, insight, wisdom, knowledge, talent, skill, and experience.


Wow, I have to say there is no typical day for me. I’m very creative and diversified. Other than working on client projects, one day I may be in the studio recording, editing, and producing my podcast, called “Interior Design Beat,” which is on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, TuneIn, GooglePlay, Podbean, Libsyn, and Blubrry. Another day I may be working on a YouTube video from start to the finish. Another day I might be working on advertising and marketing.

I usually work 12 hours a day and seven days a week on all of this stuff. Currently, I’m trying to break it up by going to the gym once a day and working out as well. I shouldn’t say trying … I’m actually doing it.

One of the big things for me, is that I am always learning. I have a huge personal library. I study all aspects of interior design, marketing, advertising, copywriting, and more. This enables me to deliver a much more well-rounded solution to each and every client no matter if it is a residential or commercial project.

School has never been out for me … in a sense … ever since I was 25 years old. I love to read, and if I could do it all day and still get paid for it I would. Some of my books are over 100 years old. How can you be a master at your craft unless you have studied the other masters that have come before you? The answer is you can’t. You can’t even be as creative as possible without studying the masters and what they did, and now they did it, and why they did it.


While, there’s been a lot of them! I love working with people who highly value interior design and the services that I specifically provide, as well as the unique way in which I provide them. Aside from that, I’ve had some wonderful residential projects to work on with absolutely wonderful people. On the commercial side, I worked on a very large country club, a large bank which included the commercial loan area as well as their flagship branch, offices on three floors for a large architectural firm to provide a comprehensive and holistic identity which they really didn’t have before. And of course there are more than these.

Back to the residential side, I immensely enjoyed a home I did on Saint Croix in the Caribbean. In this case, I was in Grand Rapids at the time, the client was in Kalamazoo, the architect was in North Carolina, and the job was in a wonderful location in the Caribbean.
Wonderful clients are always a thrill. I can do wonderful things for wonderful clients. It’s really like a mini-marriage. Therefore, there has to be mutual respect and admiration, otherwise it does not work very well.


It was actually a very progressive thing. I wanted to be a carpenter ever since I was five years old. My Dad and Grandfather were carpenters. In addition, my Dad was also a construction superintendent.

When I was in middle school, I became very interested in drafting, which prompted me to want to be an architect. I absolutely loved working with a drafting board, T-square, triangles, and a mechanical pencil.

It was in high school that I came across a book called “Your Future in Interior Design” by interior designer, Michael Greer. Interestingly, he followed the same path that I was following. He failed a calculus, and therefore could not become an architect, so he became an interior designer instead. I did not fail calculus; I just didn’t want to take it in order to become an architect. I figured that with every given building, there could be a multitude of things you could do with the interior, and it’s the interior that actually the touches the lives of people. If the interior design is handled right and synchronized with the architecture, the result will be an environment that will have a very positive and dynamic impact on people.


I find inspiration everywhere! In nature, music, reading, great conversation, asking the right types of questions, interacting with my clients, and from myself … from inside … and my own imagination and thinking process. I also find inspiration by how I look at things. My visualization ability is very keen.


I don’t think I have a specific dream project. Every project that I have worked on is very unique, and I like to work very uniquely and specifically for my clients. They come to me for a very unique solution to their particular and specific circumstances. I think what makes a dream project, is a project that I’m very interested in; with dream clients that come along with it. Again, interior design is like and mini-marriage and you have to have the right partner to make it work.


You’ll find out how much you don’t know once you get out of school. There’s a lot more to interior design than what they teach you. You should make up your mind that you’ll always study and be a lifelong student. You have to know how to sell yourself and the concept. This takes confidence and knowing what you’re doing.

Finally don’t follow trends and fashions. Be a leader, not a follower.
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Satisfied Customers

  1. Michelle Po
    Steve can actually see things done before they are done. His ability to have vision and to explain in detail to another individual is a very valuable and precious gift. How exciting and secure a feeling that is!
  2. Crystal Glass
    Steve came up with a design that was absolutely stunning for a small space. He designed three pieces of unique furniture that fit the space superbly. It is truly stunning and dramatic! I'm so elated with the total completed environment that I feel like Cleopatra every time I enter the room.
  3. Tim Pix
    Steve came up with a marvelous design that was clean, crisp and exciting. He delivered floor plans and sketches, which captured a look and feeling that we could not envision ourselves.
  4. Allegretti Architects, Inc.
    Spectrum Interiors is a true interior designer working with the owner's program with a spacial vision which achieves solutions greater than expected within an ambiance never envisioned. We need this type of designer's caring! Colleague John W. Allegretti,FAIA LEED AP+ BD+C
  5. CARS 108FM
    Seminars and Webinars: "Learn how to create Ambiance on any budget with interior designer Steven C. Adamko. Learn how to enrich and imbue your home or place of business with the tailored personality it deserves, as a magical expression of you!"
  6. Corporate CEO
    Re: Residence in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) "You have done a wonderful job on our St. Croix residence! Thank You!
  7. Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc.
    The consummate definition of passion for his field of expertise; Steve knows his stuff and paints a vivid picture through a conversation that creates excitement and helps you visualize his shared ideas to bring a space to life!