Never Get Lighting Design in a Lighting Store for Your Home

They all say they are full-service lighting stores. But that is not true. They say it in order to be all things to all people. But that can never happen either.

To have true lighting design you have to look at several things such as architecture, interior design, and lighting photo-metrics. You have to be aware of the final effect that is to be achieved within the marriage of architecture and interior design, plus how to light it correctly, for the right feeling, effect, and ambience.

The people or salespeople that work in a lighting stores are usually paid about $13.00 an hour. It’s the same hourly wage they pay at McDonald’s. Do You think you’re really going find true expertise at that level of pay? I think not.

Another aspect is that most of the time the stores are only concerned about sales numbers. Whether they are furniture stores or lighting stores, they are all the same. The owners and operators only want to see how much product they can sell. They are not in the design business. They are in the product selling business. So don’t be fooled.

If they tout free design service, they use it as a vehicle, so they can sell more product. I’ve worked in these scenarios in the early stages of my career after design school and I know all too well that this is the truth. If they tell you anything different it’s a bunch of B.S.

Free design service in lighting stores, is no different than free dental services when you buy the dentures, or free funeral services when you buy the casket. That’s the analogy. That doesn’t happen that way in the real world with the other two scenarios? No.

If you have ever been an employee or sat in a company meeting, the talk will be all about sales. Never is it about design. Even if they say they have a free design service. The free design service is there as a vehicle to sell products. Furniture stores do the same thing as well.

Never get lighting design in a lighting store that also sells fireplaces, wood stoves, patio furniture, clocks, ceiling fans, or anything else. That is a tip-off that they do not specialize in lighting design at all, but just in selling lighting fixtures and products. Yes, the salespeople will have some knowledge that they can impart to you in facilitating your purchase. But a salesperson is not a designer! And a lot of stores don’t care if their salespeople call themselves designers. Which in my professional opinion is very disingenuous and misleading.

The lighting stores look for highly motivated sales associates to work with customers to help guide them through selecting the right products for their home such as Lighting for new home construction and remodeling projects. But selecting is not designing! Selection comes after design. And these people are not lighting designers. Many of them select products based on fashion and trends, without a real intimate knowledge of the home that the customer will be dwelling in.

These people focus on the fixtures and not the overall the effect of how it works within a room environment with all the other interrelated aspects of architecture, furniture, and artwork etc.

By the way, lighting design is all about the light bulbs themselves, their color rendering properties, their beam-spreads and intensities, and their effect on the room or rooms, as well as taking into consideration the character of the room or rooms.

If you really care vulture home in project lead the ambience or ambiance of your home, you will consider it highly important that you get a lighting designer who is also an interior designer. Why? Because the two go hand-in-hand. That’s why I specialize in residential lighting design as a professional top-level interior designer. If you don’t get someone who is orchestrated in their approach like I am, then you will suffer with a disjointed project. But if you don’t know what is the good from the bad, then you won’t notice at all. And what a shame that would be!

So when you need professional integrated residential lighting design that incorporates the right look, feel, emotions, and ambience or ambiance, then you best be calling Steve Adamko directly at 269-888-2049.

So Never Get Lighting Design in a Lighting Store. Get Residential Lighting Design Plans by Steve Adamko - Professional Interior Designer and Lighting Designer in SW Michigan. You won't find this expert service at any lighting store.
So Never Get Lighting Design in a Lighting Store. Get Orchestrated Residential Lighting Design by Steve Adamko – Professional Interior Designer and Lighting Designer in SW Michigan. You won’t find this expert service at any lighting store.

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Steve Adamko – Top-Level Professional Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Furniture Designer, Podcaster, and Licensed Michigan Residential Builder in SW Michigan says, “Never Get Lighting Design in a Lighting Store for Your Home.”