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Ambiance Projection: In the field of interior design, it is not enough for an environment to have a look only. It must have ambiance in order to bring to completion what this profession is all about! Anything short of this attainment is not real interior design.
Integration & Orchestration: Every element of an interior design project affects or interacts with every other element in some form or fashion. This even happens in your line of sight, even if the elements are not physically touching each other. Awareness here is paramount.
Masterful Excellence: A verage and/or mediocre have no place or home here! There's never any excuse for not doing it right, once, the first time. Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance. As in golf, you address the ball properly and follow-through correctly.
Photo slide all of Steven C. Adamko, interior designer, author and speaker. Owner founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982 in Kalamazoo Michigan
  • My Experience: 38 years of unique design experience!
  • My Skills: Very Broad & Deep!
  • My Qualifications: Very High
  • My contact details: 866-239-6520
  • Local areas I cover: 120 mile radius
  • My policies: I don't do Ugly. Ever.
  • Your policy on clients: Must have the Right Attitude, Appreciation, and $$$
  • Additional services I offer: Just Ask.
  • Why people should choose me: My ability to see things done before they are actually done, as well as my tremendous skill set and talents.
  1. Residential Interior Design
    This service is very special because it is very personal to me, as well as the client. I am very passionate about residential interior design because it supports and undergirds the occupants, plus it is my first love. My designs must be beautiful and functional. In addition to that, they must be visually appealing, emotionally satisfying, intellectually stimulating, tactilely enriching, and spiritually fulfilling. As I so often say, "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
  2. Commercial Interior Design
    Interior design for businesses is very critical. So many people, including business owners, miss it and its significance. Your business interiors act as silent salespeople, delivering a message to your clients and potential clients. It communicates what you believe and how you think. It's a window to the very soul of your business ... Visible for all to see! So what's at stake here? Well, it's a bigger market share, larger profit margins, and beating out the competition.
  3. Lighting Design
    Lighting is critically important. It reveals shape, form, and texture. Also, color is how you light it. Color is not inherent in any object ... It is inherent in the light ... and based on the type of lighting you use to light the object. Each lighting source has its own color spectrum that either enhances or diminishes each and every color that you see. The colors in the light itself is either absorbed or reflected. As the daylight fades, so do colors and their intensity. No light ... No color!
  4. Consulting ... Broad-based
    At the very least, an hour or two of consulting from someone who really knows his stuff ... Like me ... will save you a lot of time, money,and frustration. Mistakes you make are never cheap in this business! So it behooves you to get expert advice! And I really do mean expert! Not average, not mediocre, not someone who is "awesome" just because somebody thought they were, but doesn't really know what awesome design is really about. Do your own due diligence! ... Get the best! ME!
  5. Custom Furniture Design
    Whether it's a built-in or stand-alone piece, custom furniture design is a very important addition to the toolbox of an interior designer. It is very important to have a firm handle on shape, form, proportion, color, and texture when designing from scratch. Designing a custom piece of furniture and integrating it in it's environment is like writing a piece of music. You must really know what you are doing and have a sensitive spirit as to the visual, intellectual, and emotional impact it brings.
  6. Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars, Courses
    They say, "If you can do it, it ain't bragging." Not only can I do it; I can teach it just as well as I can do it. I can teach it so well, and with so many analogies, that you would actually need help to misunderstand me. As M.C.Hammer says, "Can't touch this!" Setting people up for success is extremely important to me. I hate it when I see people's money spent instead of invested properly in their interior design. You may spend more with me, but you'll definitely spent it right. I promise!